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Advanced Settings

When you click “Advanced Options” on “Create a new monitor’ page, you will see many options to configure. This is where you can configure all the extra settings for your monitors.

How to configure ping source locations

You will see Ping locations we offer currently. These servers placed on key locations of the world. You will be able to test your servers from all continents if you need.

How to Setup Website Monitoring

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with general instructions for configuring Basic and Advanced Monitoring. To configure Uptime Verify Basic and Advanced

How to get SMS messages on alerts

When you are adding or editing your Monitor, click on Advanced Settings. You will see “Phone number for SMS notifications“. Enter your phone number with country code

Start monitoring in a minute

It’s essential to monitor your website’s performance. Just one minute of downtime can cost your business thousands of dollars. Imagine the losses as the minutes stretch into hours or even days.