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Advanced Settings

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When you click “Advanced Options” on “Create a new monitor’ page, you will see many options to configure.

Advanced Options

This is where you can configure all the extra settings for your monitors:

  • Ping Locations – Our servers around the world to ping your web site.
  • Email Notifications – Receive email notifications when your monitor goes down / back up.
  • Email Reports – Receive weekly email reports about your monitor’s uptime.
  • Enable SSL Certificate Checks – Get notified when you SSL certificate is close to expire.
  • Webhook URL – Receive webhook notifications when your monitor goes down / back up to your specified webhook URL.
  • Slack Webhook URL – Receive Slack notifications when your monitor goes down / back up to your specified Slack channel.
  • Phone number for SMS notifications – Get notified by a SMS to your cell phone number if your monitor is down.
  • Project – A project will help you categorize your monitors, heartbeats and status pages
  • Check interval – How often we will check your monitor.
  • Request timeout – How long do you want to wait to get reply from your server.
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